The championships are on!

We started off our championship run with a shootout against AOC Rond, the team we tied on Monday. The format was like a soccer shootout; the teams took turns sending their best 5 shooters to the line for one free throw each. After 5 shots, the shootout was tied 3-3, so we got down to the benches. Both sixth players missed, and then Frank (who just arrived in town yesterday) came up and hit his free throw (we were shooting first). AOC Rond had their best shooter back on the line, but he missed his shot, giving us the tiebreaker.

That means that we get a first-round bye (against the Puerto Rican team that didn’t make it to Italy), followed by a game against Cycl’hop, a team we already beat in the round robin. Assuming we win that, we’ll play the winner of AOC Square (another French team) and the Gladiatores, the lone Italian entry in the tournament in the semi-finals. If we get that far, we’ll be playing on Friday in any case, either in the final or the consolation game. We’ll know by tonight.

Viva la Revolution!

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