The Berkeley Revolution is a unicycle basketball team. Yes, we play basketball on unicycles, and all the rules apply, we have to dribble while we ride, shoot while mounted, etc. Our team is going to the world unicycle convention (UNICON) at which we will be competing for the World Championship of Unicycle Basketball!  The event is in New Zealand at the end of the year.  Please support our team as we represent the USA in this exciting sport.

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  • Doug Harris
    11 years ago

    Hello from the UK. We are just trying to introduce unicycle basketball to our club here in the UK ( ) and wondered if anyone could help us locate a full set of the rules?

    Thanks and best wishes,


    • The “official” uni basketball rules are a bit in flux, as they’re not very well developed and we made some changes to them at UNICON XV which I think have not been incorporated into the IUF rulebook. Plus, there are more changes we need to make.

      Draft 2010 IUF Rulebook

      The basketball rules are on page 92 of 108; the fact that the subject gets less than 1% of the rulebook is indicative of how much energy has been put into it so far.

      Basically, traveling is more than 1.5 wheel revolutions without dribbling, your unicycle belongs to you (so if the ball goes off it, it’s off you), and you can’t hop with the ball. If you’re off your unicycle and the ball hits you, it’s a dead ball, the other team gets it out of bounds. Other than that the rules are pretty similar to normal basketball.

      Good luck!

  • Ken Horwege
    11 years ago

    Hello all,
    Great videos!
    I played uni-basketball when 13, many years ago. I bought a KH29 muni from bedford (Toronto) aalong with an additional 24″ wheel set (2 1/2″wide) about two years ago. I am ready to unload them for $500. My cost was about $1000. It has never jumped, but has experienced quit a few UPDs as I was teaching back my muscle memory. They are in great condtion.

    I’m looking for someone who can appreciate what they are. Any help is appreciated.
    I live in Boulder Creek (by Santa Cruz) and work in Hayward. If someone in you group are interested, we could probably meet-up.

    650 387 2490
    Bye for now,

  • Hello! I am a reporter with UC Berkeley’s CalTV Entertainment Department. I would love to arrange a time to stop by your practice and film a segment on the team! Is there an email address that I can use to talk to somebody about setting this up?

    Thank you!

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