Berkeley Revolution Unicycle Basketball

A fan’s post from last night’s game. We had a number of folks say that we were the highlight of the evening; that’s certainly true if you’re a Cal fan. We’ll be back for the Cal-Stanford women’s game on February 18th; here’s hoping for a more blue and gold result.

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Come see us this Wednesday at halftime of the Cal-Stanford game at Haas Pavilion! It’s a Big Game, with both teams fighting for position in the Pac-12, and our job is to keep the energy up during the break. Join us and cheer for the Bears and the Revolution!

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It’s Big Game week! We haven’t yet tried unicycle football (which does exist, in Texas, of course), but fans of the Revolution will be glad to know that we’re going to be playing at halftime of BOTH of the Cal-Stanford basketball matchups at Haas Pavilion this year; January 14 for the men, February 18 for the women. Come out and enjoy our game along with some intense college basketball! Viva la Revolution, and Go Bears!

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The second round wasn’t as kind to the Revolution, as we lost to one team we beat in the first round, and tied AOC (who we also beat in the first round) in a game that would have given us a shot at advancing to the semi-finals. Our final tally was a 6-5-1 record, and fifth place in the tournament. As consolation, Adam won the gold medal in both the free-throw and 3-point shooting contests. Well done, Adamatic!

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And here we go! Day 1 of the tournament was a round robin with all nine teams, which meant we played everyone who’s here (8 games). It was a lot of basketball; games were 20 minutes long, so we played 160 minutes of ball today, mostly against really good teams. It was intense! The initial results are promising; we finished 6-2, easily qualifying for tomorrow’s second round. We lost to current world champions WOOM, and to another French team, Cycl’ass, which has a lot of the personnel of the AOC Square team who beat us in Italy. We’ve got our work cut out for us if we want to come out on top, but we’re clearly at home among the best. Tomorrow we’ll be running another round-robin among the top five teams, with the top four teams of that group going on to a semi-final bracket. That guarantees we’ll get at least one more shot at WOOM. Viva la Revolution!

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