Highlight reel

For the YouTube generation, here’s a highlight reel (3:22) from our halftime scrimmage.  It’s pretty cool having the multiple camera angles.  Sound issues addressed by Gil Scott-Heron.


House video of halftime performance

Lance obtained the full house video of our halftime performance–high quality stuff, including multiple camera angles and slow-mo replays.  No sound other than the arena announcer and music.

Final score, Blue 20, White 10. High scorers were Lance for blue (8 points on 4 for 4 shooting) and Frank for white (4 points on 2 for 6 shooting).  Tom led all rebounders with 4, and he, Lance, and Adam each had 2 assists.

Full Scoresheet

Clip of halftime performance

We had a lot of fun at halftime of the Cal-Stanford game; they gave us 8 minutes, which is pretty good, and the crowd got into it.

We even got a few seconds of national TV exposure.  That’s Mark “Wild Man” Wilder on the giraffe dunk (getting Marc Hertlein’s jersey a bit of glory).


Halftime performance at Haas Pavilion

We’ve been invited to play at halftime of the Cal-Stanford women’s basketball game on Sunday, March 4.  Game time is 6:00 PM; we’ll be on around 7:00.

The Cal women’s team has clinched second place in the Pac-12; they can’t catch Stanford in the standings, but they should be able to put up a fight.  Tickets are still available.  The game will be on national TV, but we’re unlikely to get more than a couple seconds of airtime.

Revolution plug in East Bay Express

This week’s East Bay Express has an article on “hybrid” sports, and the Revolution gets a brief plug:

This is far from a new phenomenon: Berkeley’s been fielding its own unicycle basketball team, The Revolution, for nearly a decade; last year, the team took the world championships.

Well, to be accurate we won the nationals and came in second at the world championships, but we’ll take the mention.