Best of the East Bay

We got mentioned in the East Bay Express’ “Best of the East Bay”; this year’s theme was “Revolution”, so it was a natural fit.


Most Revolutionary Sports Team
The Berkeley Revolution
The unicycle basketball national champions, often seen at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley, are headed to Italy to compete in the world championships, July 23-27.


And, that we are.  We’re mostly leaving Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for next week’s big event.  Keep up to date here and on our Facebook page.

Revolution plug in East Bay Express

This week’s East Bay Express has an article on “hybrid” sports, and the Revolution gets a brief plug:

This is far from a new phenomenon: Berkeley’s been fielding its own unicycle basketball team, The Revolution, for nearly a decade; last year, the team took the world championships.

Well, to be accurate we won the nationals and came in second at the world championships, but we’ll take the mention.

Berkeley Revolution wins the North American championship

Tonight the Berkeley Revolution made the U Games basketball finals by beating the Puerto Rican “B” team, and then started the championship game on a 10-0 run en route to a convincing victory over the Puerto Rican “A” team.

Our tight zone defense and height advantage proved too much for the visitors to overcome.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us, the energy in the gym was great.

Viva la Revolution!